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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Product Suite

Strengthening Organizational Governance

As shown in the above infographic, Fiction2Fact’s product suite encompasses all the verticals related to GRC. So, organizational knowledge is contained in Enlighten, processes with their risks & controls are available in PRISM, Regulatory & Statutory Compliance information is mapped in “My Compliance”, legal & contractual information is stored in ContraSt, litigations & contingent liability are available in easyLit, AML related alerts are available in ML-Track.

Also, each of these applications can be seamlessly integrated with each other creating a comprehensive GRC framework. So, for instance, your RCSAs can flow from PRISM to Samiksha (Audit System), regulatory non-compliances and breaches can flow from My Compliance to PRISM and Samiksha thereby providing insights into regulatory risks, control failures & breaches can flow from PRISM to Enlighten and Samiksha, enabling the auditors to carry out risk-based audits.

A GRC dashboard can be made available on top of these applications which give a top level view of the governance framework across the organization.

Also, for a business conglomerate in multiple lines of business, an aggregate GRC dashboard can be made available which shall show the group level picture which can then be deep-dived for LOB level details.