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My Compliance - Compliance Management

My Compliance facilitates 360º view of all Compliance related activities and encompasses activities like receipt of regulatory communication, its analysis and broadcast, action item identification, taking periodic compliance certification from the business units, ensuring timeliness of regulatory reporting, Compliance reviews, monitoring closure of action items and recording breaches/exceptions/deviations and ensuring their timely remediation.

PRISM - Risk Management

PRISM, Fiction2Fact’s proprietary ORM & ERM platform, can help organizations have a structured, integrated and flexible approach to risk management. It integrates all ORM/ERM related data including RCSA and risk registers, loss events, near misses, results from risk reviews, key risk indicators’ values, issues/breaches/deviations and remediation plans in a single framework.

Samiksha - Audit Management

Samiksha provides end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit lifecycle including audit planning and scheduling, development of standard audit checklists and RCMs (Risk Control Matrix), data requirements and query management, audit execution, development of draft audit reports, capturing of management action plan, preparation & circulation of final audit reports and tracking the implementation of audit recommendations.

easyLit - Litigation Management

Litigations Management System provides a comprehensive tracking of litigations right from the receipt of summons, filing of vakalatnama, written statements, capturing of hearing dates, receipt of orders, compliance of order, filing of appeals, advocate fees payment and a number of MISes for internal & regulatory reporting. Notifications, reminders & escalations through e-mails and SMS are available so as to ensure timely compliance to different activities.

ContraST - Contract Management

Fiction2Fact's Contract Management Solution covers the entire lifecycle of a contract encompassing the receipt of requests from the business users, different approvals including procurement, risk & compliance, drafting/vetting by legal, multiple iterations between legal, business & the other party, contract finalization, execution, upload of scanned copies, contractual obligations tracking, reminders for contract expiry and contract renewals.

FIMS - Fraud Incident Management System

FIMS empowers an organization to have a rock solid Fraud Incident Management Framework. The platform facilitates the entire lifecyle management of an incident encompassing logging of incident, its allocation, investigation, action recommendation, action approval, action execution and incident closure. SLAs & TATs of investigation agencies and internal stakeholders are tracked and monitored.

Enlighten - Knowledge Management

Enlighten,Fiction2Fact’s knowledge management tool, helps an organization digitize its SOPs, assign ownership, define activities with RACI Matrix, link SOPs to acts / regulations / circulars, associate with the risk libraries and periodically review it. Once digitized, entire content of the SOPs is searchable and a simple text can be searched across the entire SOP universe.

ML-Track - Anti-money Laundering

ML-Track enables an organization automate its AML compliance requirements. Modules are available for client screening, CTR & STR alert generation and for recording attempted transactions. It also provides integration with the core systems and reporting in the format mandated by FIU.

e-Concile - Bank Reconciliation

e-Concile automates the entire bank reconciliation process including import of receipting system data / bank book / bank statement using RPA, configurable bank statement formats, flexible reconciliation rule engine, import of fintech and PG MISes and matching with bank statement. A large number of reports and MIS are available ensuring timely and complete reporting to the management, auditors and the board.

Product Customization

"Rather than having a one size fits all" approach to product implementation, we understand that organizations today want solutions which model their processes rather than tweak their processes to fit the product. Hence, we believe in customizing our products to replicate the client's processes rather than other way round. This is a very crucial differentiating factor which we bring on the table.

After Sales Support

We pride ourselves in providing proactive, timely & quality customer support post implementation thereby creating many long-term happy customers, who act as our brand ambassadors. We believe that the true customer satisfaction journey starts after the implementation. This is also reflected in the business we get through word-of-mouth references from our happy customers.

Allied Services & Integration

We also provide allied services around the core products, be it customized application development extending/enabling the core product, building connectors to other systems or data warehouses or migrating data from the legacy systems, thereby assisting the clients creating an ecosystem wherein systems communicate seamlessly rather than working in silos.

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