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A Comprehensive CONTRAct Management SysTem

Ensuring Effective Contract Management

Fiction2Fact’s proprietary Contract Management Solution covers the entire life-cycle of a contract encompassing the receipt of requests from the business users, different approvals including procurement, risk & compliance, drafting/vetting by legal, multiple iterations between legal, business & the other party, contract finalization, execution, upload of scanned copies, contractual obligations tracking, reminders for contract expiry and contract renewals.

Access is not only restricted to the legal function but is provided organization-wide. Business users can connect to the platform and can view the contracts relevant to their function.

Self-service is also available, wherein a business user can fill up certain details and can download the contract draft in pdf format.

Weekly dashboards on email as well as reminders/escalations for pending work items are available.

All in all, it’s a complete Contract Management Solution!!!